Current Rady Projects

In an individual school

At Archbishop Illsley Catholic School in North Birmingham RADY began with the current Year 11 cohort when they were in Year 7. Louise works with senior leaders including the RADY lead every term to evaluate the impact of changes to the curriculum, to teaching methodology, to the approach to extra-curricular activities, to setting and target setting. She helps them to question their own practice and suggests practical next steps for further impactful improvements.  

Across a Multi-Academy Trust

Within the Two Counties Trust, data analysis was used to identify those academies most in need of the RADY project. Trevor introduced the project and worked with each of the academies to change expectations, raise awareness and look at how aspirations can be used to improve attainment.

Across a Local Authority

In Central Bedfordshire, the RADY initiative was thoroughly researched by senior LA advisers before 9 schools were asked to take part in a pilot project which was then expanded to 19 schools in year 2.  In year 3, the LA recruited a further cohort of schools across all phases and commissioned independent research into the impact of RADY which was highly positive.  There’s now a waiting list for cohort 4 RADY schools in the authority.  The level of engagement of Central Bedfordshire schools has been extremely impressive and significant improvements are being seen.

Across a Region

This work began with a pilot RADY project funded by EAS in south-east Wales (encompassing 7 local authorities).  Since then it has grown exponentially with clusters of schools being supported by Challenging Education to launch RADY during the global pandemic and moving into year 3 a further cohort of schools will be recruited, those already on board will continue to work with their RADY coach.  

Ongoing work – RADY Networks

Prior to the global pandemic, any school involved in implementing RADY was invited to three free RADY network meetings per year.  During the pandemic, these moved online and became #RadioRADY events with great success.  These events still run termly, share best practice (what works and what didn’t) and because they are held virtually, Challenging Education are able to extend the invite to any school colleague who is interested in making life-changing differences for their disadvantaged learners. #RadioRADY events are an opportunity to hear from leaders in the field and from teachers in real classrooms about what is helping disadvantaged youngsters attain more successfully. They are frequently described as the best CPD delegates attend and learning is applied back in schools that makes significant differences to those who need it most.