Our AMBITION is for as many staff in as many schools as possible to access quality training in order to ultimately help all disadvantaged learners to attain as highly as their non-disadvantaged peers.

We are offering a Professional Learning Programme (PLP) based around six recorded training modules released half termly throughout the academic year and available to all staff to access at their convenience. Access to a secure forum and additional Q&A session for the lead professional learner (LPL) in each school. Sessions will be delivered by expert trainers (and experienced school leaders) who have a wealth of knowledge on leadership and teaching of disadvantaged youngsters built up over more than six years of supporting schools across all phases in Raising the Attainment of Disadvantaged Youngsters (RADY).

Click the button below to download a pdf which details the content and structure of the programme.

Taster Session

To get a feeling for how the sessions work, we have created this taster session and accompanying pdf document. Try downloading the document and then watching the video with the document to hand.


Pricing Band - Individual Schools

The pricing structure reflects the size of school. 60p per pupil. There is a maximum fee of £750 for any school, regardless of size.


40 Pupils

£ 24 + VAT
  • A rural primary school with 40 pupils (and possibly 2 teachers and 2 TAs).

430 Pupils

£ 258 + VAT
  • A medium sized primary school with 430 pupils (and possibly 17 teachers and 25 other staff).

1450 Pupils

£ 750 + VAT
  • A large secondary school with 1450 pupils (and possibly 80 teachers and 50 other staff).

Pricing Band - Groups of schools

Please contact us to hear about the substantial savings available for MATs, federations, Local Authorities and consortia.