rady Coaching Options

The team at Challenging Education are offering three different ways in which schools can be supported to begin their RADY journey and make life-changing differences to the disadvantaged learners who need it most.   Due to capacity, numbers are limited for schools receiving ‘Remote Coached’ or ‘In School’ RADY support.  A new cohort of schools begin their RADY journey each term.

If you’re already on your RADY journey, scroll down to read how a RADY coach will support you in making sure you continue to have maximum impact on outcomes of your most disadvantaged learners.   

 If you think you are ‘Ready for RADY’ or ‘Already Running RADY’ and want to work with us on the next phase of your RADY journey please click HERE to contact us and we will arrange an online discussion with you and your leadership team to identify the best route and the next enrolment opportunity for your school.   

Coaching Option Description cost (Excluding VAT)
Recorded RADY
Half-termly “How to….” video tutorials that will guide the leader for RADY and other senior leaders at the school through the process of achieving the RADY pledge. The tutorials will also include some questions that a coach would ask if they were in school.
Half-term (HT) 1: RADY pledge and how to do the uplift;
HT 2: Golden thread - how to make RADY an integral part of your school plans;
HT 3: Engaging ALL staff - the role that everyone has to play;
HT 4: Participation - what to review and what to do;
HT 5: Profile-predict-prevent - how to make RADY a preventative strategy;
HT 6: Evaluation strategies - what to measure and what to do next.
Based on pupils on roll @ 60p per pupil
Remote Coached RADY
Bespoke remote coaching and support from your dedicated RADY coach equivalent to three and half hours per half term for three terms. The way in which the time is allocated would be decided between the school and dedicated RADY coach, but this might include:
- Initial sessions with the senior team to build understanding of RADY,
- bespoke delivery of all aspects of Recorded RADY,
- remote review by coach of school development plans and/or Pupil Premium/eFSM strategy,
- remote whole staff training,
- input into SLT and/or governor meetings,
- coaching sessions with groups of staff (e.g. department/phase/middle leaders/support).
In-School RADY
Three days in school (one per term) supplemented with remote coaching equivalent to three and a half hours per term. Remote coaching as described above. The programme for visits would be agreed with the school but could include:
Visit 1 - Seeing the school’s current position and priorities (discussions, observations, interviews); coaching key leaders on RADY and support with whole school launch; SLT session to golden thread the school development plan.
Visit 2 - Participation, parental engagement, SEND/ALN; SLT review session on progress with golden thread; practical next steps identified and documented.
Visit 3 - Evaluation visit. All aspects of RADY within the school are evaluated alongside school staff. Impact review report agreed, and practical next steps distilled from this.
£2520 (excluding travel & accommodation)
Additional information:
  • Discounts are available on Recorded RADY for pupil numbers over 1250
  • If you work closely with other schools, you can ‘share’ a Remote Coached RADY package between up to three schools.
  •  Schools that are geographically close together could also share In-School RADY (up to 3 schools).

already running rady? Coaching Options

If you have been applying RADY principles in your school for a while now, here are some ways in which we can support you in making sure you continue to have maximum impact on outcomes of your most disadvantaged learners.  The packages described below can be combined for maximum impact and support, and there are suggestions for a combination at the bottom of the table.    

Of course, you are also more than welcome to consider any of the ‘Ready for RADY’ coaching options described above and this might be particularly useful if you have had changes in leadership at the school and are ready for a refresh of RADY. 

Coaching Option Description cost (Excluding VAT)
Remote RADY Review
Carried out by a RADY coach, there would be a review of the uplift process and target setting; the school development/improvement plan and the Pupil Premium/vulnerable learners plan.
This would be followed up by a remote meeting (up to 1.5 hours) with the leader responsible (for maximum impact we would suggest all of SLT participate in this meeting) to discuss findings from remote review.
After the review and remote meeting, the RADY coach will produce a one-page practical next steps document for the school.
In-School RADY Review
Remote review of paperwork (as for Remote Review);
Remote pre-visit meeting with leader to establish the areas of RADY the school would like to be reviewed;
Day in school to work alongside the leader to examine first-hand evidence of impact;
Senior leaders meeting at the end of the day to agree impact statements and practical next steps;
Following visit the RADY coach will produce a practical next steps document.
£1120 excluding travel & accomodation
Keep-in-touch Remote RADY coaching
Bespoke remote coaching and support from your dedicated RADY coach equivalent to three and half hours per term for three terms. This would be based round the current school priorities and work on the golden thread of RADY, agreed with the school. Time may be spent
- providing ongoing email support;
- delivering targeted remote support for new/key members of staff;
- virtual attendance at phase/departmental or senior meetings to discuss aspects of RADY;
- bespoke training sessions to support raising attainment.
Combined RADY Review and Keep-in-touch
Our strong recommendation, especially for schools in their second year of RADY, would be to combine the ‘In-School Review’ and ‘Keep-in-touch Remote Coaching’ to keep the RADY momentum going and also evaluate the impact of the first year of work.  
Please note, This combination is offered at a discounted rate.  

Support rady with thinking differently for disadvantaged learners

To support all RADY schools, no matter what point they are in the RADY journey, we can offer our recorded online resource for all staff to access.  This Professional Learning Programme (PLP) is divided into 6 modules, each containing ‘bite-sized’ training videos and additional materials, and all focussed on supporting the most disadvantaged youngsters.