School Rady+ Coaching Package

The package below is an outline of a programme offering support and challenge to the headteacher and leadership around Raising the Attainment of Disadvantaged Youngsters during the academic year 2020-21. It can be tailored and tweaked as the year progresses and needs change. Schools are welcome to sign up for 1, 2, 3 or 4 day packages and can attend all three network meetings regardless of number of days booked.

The RADY+ coach allocated would be the same person throughout the academic year unless otherwise requested by the school. The coach would be available via email and telephone to offer RADY-related support between visits.

Term Description Day
End summer term 2019/ start autumn term 19
One full day or two half day Challenge visits
Work alongside RADY leader and other senior and middle leaders to support the process of uplift, review early issues in the implementation of the project and any related impact. These visits could include;
- Meetings with middle leaders
- Scrutiny of schemes of work and assessment
- Cultural capital audit - Support with Pupil Premium Strategy Statement
This would include a brief Practical Next Steps report written within 5 working days of the school visit.
Before end of Spring term
Challenge visit – work alongside relevant senior leader(s) to monitor impact of RADY work as a mid-point review. This visit could include:
- Joint observations of learning
- Joint work scrutiny
- Joint review of evaluated assessment information & behaviour / attendance information
- Student voice
- Discussion with governor(s)
- Meeting with middle leaders / subject teachers
This would include writing a brief summary report on site during the day to include strengths, weaknesses and practical next steps
Before end of summer term (& after KS2 SATs are available)
Review & planning visit. Work with relevant leaders to review the impact and plan for next academic year, including ‘uplift’ and ‘equalising’ for academic year 2020-21. This could include time spent on how this informs the Pupil Premium Strategy Statement for 2020-21 and review of impact for 19-20

*If you sign up for 1, 2 or 3 days of support, “1 day” as listed above refers to around 4 hours spent in school with additional time spent on planning, preparation and writing brief reports, including practical next steps. If you sign up for 4 days, the time in school will be 6+hrs and the additional day covers preparation, planning & write up.

Costs are £550 per day, £330 per half day excluding VAT and travel, discounts are available if signing up for 4 days