What is Rady?

Raising the Attainment of Disadvantaged Youngsters (RADY) begins in schools with the RADY catalyst – quite simply, at the start of a Key Stage, flagging up a pupil as having untapped potential and setting end of Key Stage expectations based on their non-disadvantaged peers rather than on prior attainment.    

RADY is a long-term hearts and minds approach, helping schools to become equitable in all aspects of the education they provide and making sure that those learners who need it most get the extra that helps them to get there.  Because the catalyst is applied at the start of a phase of education, schools have a number of years to ensure the extra makes life-changing differences.    

After applying the catalyst, schools on their RADY journey integrate the RADY principles as a golden thread through their school development plan, ensure that disadvantaged youngsters are proportionally represented in all aspects of school life and work tirelessly to help every member of staff understand why an equitable approach is the right one. 

Central Bedfordshire LA recently commissioned an independent review of our RADY work in their schools.  We are delighted you can read this review by clicking the link below


Why schools need RADY

  1. Aiming to have a gap. Almost all schools set attainment targets, based on prior attainment figures. Therefore, schools across all phases are aiming to have a gap. National figures on progress show that disadvantaged children continue to make less progress than ‘others’ and therefore the gap from start to end of a Key Stage actually increases.
  2. The impact of expectations. “The voluminous research on teacher expectations has shown, in both experimental and correlational studies, that the self- fulfilling prophecy effect does exist in classrooms” Rubie-Davies et al, 2014.
  3. Attainment matters. “What matters to children from low-income families is that a school enables them to achieve a qualification to get on in life.” Dr Rebecca Allen, Director, Education Datalab ‘Pupil Premium – Next Steps’ Sutton Trust and Education Endowment Foundation 2015.

Which schools can use Rady?

RADY can be implemented in ANY school.  Challenging Education currently works alongside schools in all phases, from first and infant schools to middle and secondary settings.  It’s also entirely appropriate to implement RADY in special school and Pupil Referral Units and Challenging Education are delighted to be supporting staff in these settings to make life-changing differences for those who need it most.  Click below to find our how coaching can support your RADY journey.  

Support rady with thinking differently for disadvantaged learners

To support all RADY schools, no matter what point they are in the RADY journey, we can offer our recorded online resource for all staff to access.  This Professional Learning Programme (PLP) is divided into 6 modules, each containing ‘bite-sized’ training videos and additional materials, and all focussed on supporting the most disadvantaged youngsters.